What if there were unlimited potential in people as well as in businesses - imagine the impact that is available!

Authentic Leadership is all about living truthfully and passionately from your own personal values. The more people's personal values correspond with the corporate values, the more engagement and dedication people will experience for their company. And this is in the end what creates results! It all starts with the top management and how courageously and honestly they dedicate themselves to becoming an Authentic Leader in their professional as well as in their personal lives. 
Marianne is Professional Certified Co-Active Coach from CTI. She holds a Master of Engineering and has 20 years of experience from corporate companies as leader and top executive. She is the founder of Co-Creator and provides life changing leadership coaching. She also works as Business Consultant and Chairman of Boards, where she is known for her values based approached. Marianne works with a team of top performing coaches and leadership consultants. 

    «Du har hjulpet meg så utrolig mye, Marianne. For meg er det før og etter timene hos deg. Du har fått meg til å begynne å kjenne etter, og kjenne meg selv, på en måte som jeg unner alle å få oppleve. Livet blir aldri det samme igjen, heldigvis!"

    Kvinne og gründer i 40 årene